The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. Artists, battle diverse challenges but the toughest is climbing the Everest of perceverance and  consistency to attain the long term goal of recognition.

Every child is an artist. The problem, is how to remain an artist once we grow up – Pablo Picasso

In an era where the constructors of time find the camera of life turned away from them as artists, if anyone should be celebrated more, it should be an artist. Their works do not only outlive them, but it competes with time itself. No wonder, time rewards them for such effontry. Simply put, the older an artwork, the higher its value. Such unique rule of economics. Ain’t it?
One of such persistent artists is Seyi Odukoya whose professionalism spans over a decade of honing and creating. A Nigeria born artist who hails from the highest and most aspiring tribes of the South West region in the country – Ògùn State. The people of Ògùn, are known for their entrepreneurial skills. Creating something out of nothing. Boasting in rich cultural heritage with the renowned Hubert Ogunde as a father of theatre arts in Nigeria. Art indeed, resides in the souls of the people and that does not exclude the state boasting of the richest black woman in the world – Funke Alakija sidelining the American Opera Winfery and the men adorning the list of richest men in Africa and in the world in its timeline.

Seyi Odukoya posing with one of his works

As a married man who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Seyi has over 100 masterpieces to his signature and has sold to diverse art collectors and lovers of his works. Creativity indeed takes courage. 

His most preferred medium is acrylic according to him, “acrylic helps me to work faster. When an idea is conceived in me, I want to make sure I put it down as quickly as i can even without drawing or sketching first”. Only a few artists will skip the background art of sketching to embark on the silent poem of painting.


He further stated, “I go to the canvas immediately and put down the idea and I begin to build on the canvas and I make sure I finish the painting that same day”. Nature is a huge boost to his infinite inspiration. The nature is a part of man and those who learn from its feet grab it by its thorn.

“Strength in Unity”

The challenge faced by most artist is sales and this does not elude Seyi as an active participant. “Getting your works out there so people can see and appreciate doesn’t happen in a twilight…a lot of people don’t know the value embedded in art. The investment openings are endless. We get low patronage as artists and I think its warmer now”.

“Arewa (Beauty)”

His mentors and motivators are mammoth but his wife and family remain a strong motivator. A happy home breeds a happy mind.

“I think Macroshops have come to our rescue and I’m happy to be a vendor on and for me offline gallery sales doesn’t impact much because the audience is limited and few. Only a few get to see your works” he remarked.

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Studio address: 16, Adedoyin str, Ijageemo via Ijegun, Ikotun, Lagos 

Mobile number: +2348055568850

Email address:

EXHIBITION(s): Artists Connect Lagos 2015.